COVID-19 Worship Schedule
  9:00 AM Live Worship & Stream
10:30 AM Streamed Replay Only
No On-Campus Ministries
7:00 PM Streamed Bible Study
Re-Opening Plan Details

Flint Baptist Church Opening Statement

Updated 7/3/2020

Dear Church Family,

We realize that there continue to be many questions and concerns about the status of the pandemic. Your staff seeks to make the wisest decisions as it affects the entirety of the church.

In light of Governor Abbott’s announcement, we have chosen to make modifications to our church schedule for the next two weeks (July 5 – July 18):


9:00 am Worship Service

* We will stream the 9:00 am service and replay the service online at 10:30 am.
* You may attend the 9:00 am service in person, but face coverings will be required, and we encourage social distancing.
* We will suspend Sunday School classes, Children’s Ministries (Nursery through 6th grade), Youth Ministry, and Choir for the next two Sundays.


* We will stream a pre-recorded Wednesday night service at 7:00 pm.
* We will suspend all Wednesday ministries for the next two weeks, including Wednesday night meals.


* ETX City Reach Youth Camp will continue with modification.
* Watch for a Daycamp announcement next week.

This announcement will not answer all of your questions, but we wanted to get this information to you as soon as possible. Please continue to be in prayer for your staff as we continue to seek the Lord to make wise decisions.