We are so excited to go to Passion 2024 in Atlanta, GA on January 3-5! Passion is a gathering for the collegiate generation and is open to anyone who is 18-25 years old. (HS Seniors welcome to join even if you are not 18.)

“From its start in 1995, the Passion movement has a singular mission—calling students and leaders from campuses across the nation and cities around the world to live for what matters most. For us, what matters most is the name and renown of Jesus. We believe in this generation and are watching God use them to change the climate of faith around the globe. This wave is growing into a global awakening living for the name of Jesus.”

Links for more info:
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9XdlfVnO_wc
Website: https://www.passion2024.com

WHEN: January 3-5, 2024. We will send out departure details, hotel stay and home arrival closer to date.

WHERE: Atlanta, GA at the Mercedes Benz Stadium

**Registration is now closed**