Encore Adults 55 and Over

Welcome to Encore! Adult Ministry 55+

After a great performance, the audience bursts into cheers of appreciation and encouragement, demanding more from those who have brought them immense pleasure. So, that great cloud of witnesses and our wonderful Lord cheers us on in our twilight years to continue giving Him the greatest part of our lives as our encore! Encore is a vibrant, energized organism serving the Lord in many areas with even more fervency than ever before because we serve a great God who always gives us His all!

We serve our risen Savior as teachers, missionaries, cooks, disaster relief aids, and many other ministries. Encore members actively pray in organized prayer groups, teach and study the Bible in the many classes offered, and fellowship through 3rdMonday Theme Nights, 2nd Tuesday Pot Luck Lunches & Games, and trips – day outings and overnighters to experience our local surroundings together and build lasting friendships with each other.

We have our Encore group covered! We are Energetic, Noetic, Courageous, Obsessed, Righteous, and Encouraging!! And… We would love to have you join us!

Please find an Encore monthly newsletter in the Information Cove located in the foyer, underneath the staircase or click on “Newsletter” below to get up-to-date details about our activities.

Upcoming Encore Events

Encore Lunch and Theme Nights

Our active group meets every month on the second Tuesday for lunch and fellowship. We also meet on the third Tuesday night of each month for a themed covered dish dinner and fellowship.

Encore Bingo

Who doesnt enjoy winning a prize? This is one of our highlight every year.

We just love spending time together!

Meet Our Staff

Gene Ramsey

Senior Adult Pastor